253rd Rifle Regiment 45th Division (74th Guards)
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We are just starting out and are actively recruiting men and women ages 16 and over in the Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio region.

If you are interested in learning more about the 253rd or would like to join our group please contact:

Bill Shoemaker

Current members of the 253rd Rifle Regiment:
Bill Shoemaker (Sgt.Vilem Schmachinov) - Lowell, Indiana
Chuck Conners (Jr. Sgt. Chuckov Coniev) - Portage, Indiana
Chris Colvin - (Redarmyman Chriskow Colvina)-Haslett, Michigan
Ben Braymer - (Redarmyman Biev Bramov)-Grand Haven, Michigan
Jim Johnson (Redarmyman Jamnov Jovankin)-Lowell, Indiana
Jake England - (Redarmyman Jakiev Englansk)-Indianapolis, Indiana
Josh Richhart (Redarmyman Boris Richinsk)- Mishawaka, Indiana
Bob Lutton - (Redarmyman Whilem Luttinov)-Lansing, Michigan
Dmitry Epshteyn - (Redarmyman Dmitry Epshteyn)-Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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