253rd Rifle Regiment 45th Division (74th Guards)
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Useful links for learning more about the Red Army or the reenacting hobby in general:
Red Army History:
Military Historical Club "Stalingrad" : Excellent Russian (in English) web site about the battle of Stalingrad.
Central Armed Forces Museum, Russia : World's largest collection of WWII Russian and German militaria.
Russian Battlefield : Information on the Red Army with interviews of Russian veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
Soviet Military Awards Page : Information on the Orders and Medals of the Soviet Army.
Orders and Medals of the USSR : Another great site on Russian Orders and Medals.
Russian Language Links : Several links to help you brush up on your Russian language skills.
Red Army Uniforms : Pictures and information on Russian Army uniforms 1930-1960.
Gauntlet International : Russian publications and Soviet Air & Space equipment.
Soviet Patriotic Music : Huge mp3 collection of Russian music, this is where we got "Katyusha".
Mosin-Nagant Dot Net : Resource for Russian weapons of the Great Patriotic War.
Sword of the Motherland : Russian military history web site.
Battlezone Books : Many good books in stock about the Eastern Front.
Red Army Reenacting Supplies:
Ostfront Militaria : Best source for reproduction and original gear from the Eastern Front.
Trident Military : Reproduction and original Russian gear.
At The Front : Some Red Army gear. Top notch vendor.
The Russian Grunt (email) : Dan Welch of 8th Guards. Excellent inventory. Write for price list.
Sovietski Collection : A decent replica of the budyonovki (Soft helmet).
Other Red Army Reenacting Groups:
STAVKA : Headquarters of Red Army reenacting in the United States.
Frontovaya Illyustratsiya : Online magazine about Red Army reenacting. A MUST read!
Red Army Online : Many useful links for Red Army reenactors.
36th Motorized Rifle Division : Indiana and neighboring states.
2nd Guards Rifle Division : United Kingdom
8th Guards Mechanized Corps : Midwest and Texas
16th Lithuanian Rifle Division : Arizona and New Mexico
93rd Sapper Battalion : Arizona and New Mexico
Polish 1st Infantry Division : East Coast and Midwest