253rd Rifle Regiment 45th Division (74th Guards)
Rules and Regulations


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253rd Rules and Regulations

Eight Basic Rules for the Infantry Soldier
1. Listen to and follow your leaders. They know what needs to be done in order to achieve victory for your side.
2. Take a hit when you think you may have been hit. It is better to die and fight later than to run up penalties that hurt your side.
3. Do not yell, "I got you!" or "Take a hit!" Do not argue with your opponent, or complain to the referees, if someone doesn't die like they should. The referees will watch for and penalize "bullet-proof" soldiers.
4. Respond to enemy fire as if it was real. Take cover; move away from the fire or move quickly through it. This includes machine gun, mortar and rifle fire.
5. Beware of snipers. Rifle fire at a distance may be from a sniper--aiming at you. Do not stand around or casually stroll when under any type of fire--it will cost your side a big penalty if you do.
6. Do not touch or remove booby trap markers or mine. There is a big penalty if you do. Let the sappers or Pioneers take care of them--it is their job.
7. Do not pass through minefields or remove obstacles until the sappers or Pioneers have cleared them. Failure to follow the above will incur a big penalty for your side, and may cause your side to lose.
8. Do not argue with, distract, contradict, hinder or threaten the referees. The referees are judges, scorekeepers and evaluators. They will be watching you, but will not say anything to you if you fail to take a hit. Referees will only step in and stop an action if they see something unsafe or if they see a combatant gain a tactical advantage by violation of rules.

Eleven Essentials for Commanders and Leaders
1. Play the game and follow the scenario. Remember the point is to win the game for your side and not to capture glory for your unit alone.
2. Do not violate the rules and thereby let down all the other participants, your men and your comrades. Make sure your men follow the rules as well.
3. How you play is as important as how well you play. A side can meet all of its victory conditions and still lose if it runs up a lot of penalties.
4. Use your sappers/Pioneers wisely. They are a limited resource, and are crucial in penetrating or destroying enemy defenses or assets.
5. Use snipers to your advantage. Snipers can cover minefields and obstacles and hinder the passage of the enemy across open areas. They can quickly rack up points when they are effectively positioned.
6. Give your crew served weapons real missions. Use your mortars to clear minefields and take out enemy crew served weapons. Use machine-guns to destroy targets or suppress enemy infantry.
7. Think multi-dimensionally. Although combat simulations will consist primarily of infantry units maneuvering against each other, keep in mind what the specialty units and crew served weapons are doing or trying to do at all times. Keep in mind what the overall objectives are at all times, while at the same time look for ways to score points and keep penalties down.
8. Make sure your men respond to enemy fire. Your command will be evaluated on how it reacts to fire, as well as whether the men take the right amount of hits. Make sure your men either take cover or move when under rifle, MG or mortar fire. If crossing an open area, move quickly to cover when fired on. If you are being bracketed by mortar fire, move away or move out of range. If you are moving to contact, make sure everyone moves faster when they are fired on. Be sure your men take extensive hits if under MG fire in the open. Make sure your men respond to distant rifle fire, which may be from a sniper--you won't know for sure until it is too late. Do not let your men act is if combat is little more than a stroll in the woods.
9. Make sure your men respect the simulated mines and booby traps. Do not let anybody but your Engineers/Sappers/Pioneers touch or remove the mine or booby trap markers. Do not attempt to cross a minefield unless you are willing to take 75percent casualties. Deliberately ignoring a minefield can cause your side to lose 500 points, and perhaps the game.
10. Keep track of time. The scenario has definite starting and stopping times, as well as certain time frames in which particular actions may or may not occur. Keep a copy of the scenario schedule with you and refer to it periodically.
11. Treat referees as assets. Certain activities can only score points when a referee observes them. As there are only a limited number of referees, make sure they are available for the sappers/Pioneers, snipers as well as the combat patrols. Referees are neutral in that they will give points or penalties to either side as they watch the action; however, if you are playing by the rules, you will gain more points than lose by having a referee near the action. Talk to the referees periodically to get an evaluation on how your unit/command is doing.

253rd Rifle Regiment The purpose of our group is to honor the veterans of World War II. We strive to portray the 253rd troops as they really were, and as accurately as possible for the education of the public.

Below is a list of rules and regulations that we want our members to abide by.
1. Engage the Germans in tactical exercises using proper World War II tactics. In an effort to defeat them.
2. Bulletproof heroes and hit-callers will be warned once, then kicked out and never invited back. They ruin it for the rest of us. If the krauts are wearing their kevlar, move on by and kill some more.
3. No underage drinking or illegal drugs permitted. No exceptions! We do not want the stigma of a group that allows such activity. If you are of legal age to drink, we expect you to do so responsibly. If you cannot, we do not want you in our group.
4. No live ammunition! Do not bring it to the event or you will not be asked back.
5. Most importantly, have fun.

Safety Rules
1. Only blank ammunition from a recognized dealer is to be used.
2. All weapons will be properly blank adapted.
3. All blank adapters will be inspected periodically to ensure they remain tight.
4. No one will lock and load until we reach the field and instructed to do so.
5. No locked and loaded weapons allowed in Vehicles.
6. Always keep the rifle barrel pointed away from others.
7. Keep rifle pointed up to avoid clogging barrel.
8. To prevent accidental discharge firearms will be kept on Safety until you are ready to fire.
9. Never fire your weapon from behind or close to someones head.
10. When within 10 yards of an enemy soldier you will fire your weapon into the air.
11. Always remove your ammo and clear you actions at the end of the day.
12. You will drink and eat during the day to prevent fatigue and dehydration.

These rules are to be followed by the members of the 253rd Rifle Regiment. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All new recruits who join the group will undergo a 2 event probationary period. Then be voted in by 253rd NCOs and have to pass a 5-question safety quiz. This takes effect on January 1, 2004.

Requirements to make Yefreitor rank (equivalent to Pfc. or Cpl.):
1. Take a 10-question quiz about the 253rd Rifle Regiment. Must get a 9 to pass!
2. Pass a manual of arms test.

**If you fail you have to wait 1 events before you can try again**

Anyone holding a rank higher than red army man (private), who misses more than 2 scheduled events will be, demoted one rank until red army man is reached. This is note to punish anyone, but to encourage participation and raise our numbers at events.

Anyone showing up for an event with a dirty weapon or authenticity violation will receive demerits for such violation.